Vertical marking

Perfect organization of space

Vertical marking is a support for horizontal marking, maximizing safety and efficiency of work in industrial facilities, halls and warehouses.

While designing the system of marking, we take into account first of all individual needs and guidelines of the Client, EXISTING TECHNICAL INFRASTRUCTURE, OHS policies binding in the given facility and valid legal provisions. We apply innovative materials and technologies in order to deliver highest quality solutions, resistant to the impact of adverse conditions. 

Our offer includes:

  • marking of paths, alleys and communication routes (road signs, boards, barriers)
  • marking of racks, pallet spaces, baskets and containers 
  • OHS marking (hydrants, fire extinguishers)
  • marking with special signs 
  • assembly of buffers

Benefits for you

Smooth and safe traffic in the facility
Perfect order
Improvement of processes and better quality
Maximum safety of people and property

We’ll help you increase efficiency and safety of operation

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