Horizontal marking

Logical organization of work

Horizontal marking is a key for safe, well-organized and efficient work. It allows to improve significantly pedestrian and vehicle traffic and create space friendly for people.

We specialize in durable, clear and esthetic marking of areas of halls, warehouses, factories, car parks, garages and neighboring areas - in accordance with binding legal and OHS provision of the plant. Thanks to the marking, work becomes easier, more comfortable and free of unnecessary hazards. We perform our services using tested materials and modern techniques.  

Our offer includes:

  • marking routes of pedestrian and fork lift truck traffic
  • painting traffic ways
  • marking of storage areas
  • special marking (arrows, warning and information signs and other pictograms)
  • marking of loading ramps and docks
  • marking of workstations
  • marking of parking spaces and lanes

Benefits for you

Easier management of labor and traffic
High efficiency
Optimization of processes and use of resourceS
Maximum safety
Significant reduction of accident risk

We’ll help you increase efficiency and safety of operation

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